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Local & Organic Specialty Cut Flowers

5-Leaf Clover is a nonprofit that grows, arranges and delivers, locally grown, seasonal flowers. But just as important, we are building the project with the express purpose to hire people with developmental disabilities so that they may engage in meaningful and purposeful work or activities.

What We Grow


We grow a large variety of flowers and herbs and always looking for new varieties or heirlooms that are not commonly found in big supermarkets. Our blooms attract an entire ecosystem of bees, bugs, and birds (and well rabbits argh) making this a truly vibrant and productive environment. Not unlike locally grown veggies, flowers and herbs all have distinct seasons which makes it part of the fun. Read about the highlights of each season on our blog.

We Deliver!

We deliver in and around the Seattle/Bellevue area to both residences and businesses. (Sorry we DO NOT ship!) We offer seasonal arrangements of 3 types: the Seasonal Flower Bouquet, Aromatics, and the “Bro-quet”. We also do subscription plans. See our Shop page for options.

Why order from Us?

Flowers and herbs are picked within a day or two of delivery giving you the freshest and longest lasting botanicals possible. Did you know 75% of flowers are shipped from outside the US? That means your flowers probably travelled for up to a week before even getting to your door. Not to mention the carbon use to get it all the way from South America to Bellevue.

But also, if not for the environment, then for your community. Urban and local farming supports jobs for people and for us, particularly those with developmental disabilities. Our folks do everything from tend the flowers, assemble boxes, to pushing the delivery cart. Some people just love to get in the van and drive around for deliveries. It’s all good stuff and we hope to make people more active in their communities.

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