The Inaugural "Bro-quet": Interstellar

The Inaugural "Bro-quet": Interstellar


COMING SOON: “Aquaman” Bro-quet featuring plants that look like coral and other underwater critters.

The Bro-quet is a flower arrangement dedicated to dudes or those that don’t consider themselves flower people. Inspired by other-worldly plants, our inaugural Bro-quet includes mint sprigs that are used in another Bro-quet feature: fun (usually edible or drinkable) things to do with your broquet. This week’s offering: Mulberry Mojitos

Flowers included

  • Giant yellow marigold — sun

  • Asparagus fronds — stardust

  • Poppy fronds — asteroids / death star

  • Dried allium — supernova

  • Dara — galaxies

These flowers will last a long time, even if you forget to water them (not that we’re making assumptions)

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